7 Reasons for Blog Neglect in 7QT

So. Hi there. It's been a while, amirite? I have lots of lame-o excuses totally legit reasons for going AWOL, so here they are in Seven Quick Takes:

1. Well, this happened on July 2nd.
Little Irish debuted at 10lbs 5oz and hasn't stopped growing yet. He's precious and mellow and brilliant and the snuggliest baby ever who gives hugs JUST BECAUSE. And by hugs I mean that he slams his forehead into my face or body and vigorously shakes it back and forth. He's our favorite little boy in the world and we love him so much!

2. See these?
They are just a small sample of the tissues my family massacred during our eleventy billion colds from September to four seconds ago (ah-CHOO ah-CHOO WILL IT EVER END). It seems that Ninja Girl is a kind of strep throat Mary who brings all sorts of fun diseases home from school while avoiding infection herself. Thanks, sweetie.

3. School! School happened too! No-longer-wee Ninja Girl started kindergarten in September and is doing great. It's one of the few half-day programs left in our state, thank goodness, and she is thriving. Not that I'm surprised, she is a real social butterfly, unlike her mother. And her father.

Look how much they've grown!

4. All hope of my social life is not lost, however, as I did manage to find and join a local Catholic mom's group, through which my kids and I have made wonderful friends. It's been inspiring to meet other moms facing the same challenges as Catholics in our society. I have learned a lot already!
My lonely, socially awkward self, but with awesome boots.

5. Oh, that? That is my new piano. Because I needed another hobby...

6. Guess what is outside in my front garden right now. A rosebush? Nope. Gorgeous perennials I tenderly planted in the Fall that are now blooming beautifully? Uh uh. Half dead azaleas? Well, yes, but NEVERYOUMIND. My snow shovel? Why, yes, it is still sitting outside the front door. Yes, it's May. But after the winter we had, I am not taking any chances. Nope, nope, nope. Besides, if I take it inside and then it snows EVERYONE WILL KNOW IT WAS ME and I just don't need that stress in my life.

7. Our most recent project: Little Irish into the girl's current room, girls into the former guest room. it involves dealing with piles of junk, buying/making new furniture, sheets-into-duvet projects, canopies out of old curtains, painting, removing closet doors, Pinterest, and so very much dust. I hope to have a post in the future detailing some of the projects I undertook to maximize storage in a small room and make it extra fancy on a budget.

And there you go. Ten months of insanity in Seven Quick Takes. I'd figure out some sort of mathematical equation for that, but English Major, so...

Thanks to Jen @ Conversion Diary for hosting!
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