Falling for Fall (SO original, I know!)

I really love autumn.  The leaves, the crisp air, the earthy colors, the soups and stews, the baked desserts, the dying of the bugs, all of it! 

I love that I can boil water for tea without overheating the house.

I love how my kitchen table looks with this neat runner my mom found at a thrift store and a bean pot EP Dude bought at a church-sponsored world goods sale years ago:

So warm and cozy!
  I love that it's apple season and I can get yummy local apples everywhere.  These Galas are just BEGGING to be baked into a brown betty or applesauce, don't you think?

Yummy local apples!
 I love that I actually managed to complete a fall craft project BEFORE Advent for once!  This banner is made of felt and embroidery thread.  I made 2.5" x 7" diamonds (measured from corner to corner) from four colors of felt.  I got three diamonds out of each felt sheet with plenty to spare.  I split the embroidery thread into 3-strand bunches and free-handed the letters.  It says "harvest time" on the front, and "give  thanks" on the back, so I can leave it up through Thanksgiving.  When all the triangles were lettered and whip stitched (really badly) together, I threaded some brown yarn through them all and looped the ends over stick-on hooks.

Some festive bunting!
  I've been noticing a trend in hand-crafted bunting decorations lately, and thought it would be something simple to add some seasonal flavor to my otherwise undecorated abode.  I may have to figure out something similar for Advent and/or Christmas, although it's WAY too early to think about that, right?  Right?
 Today was a typical Rochester, NY, autumn day, which means it looked promising at one point, but rapidly turned gray, windy, and rainy.  So, I covered the dining room table with newspapers and set WNG up with her watercolors.  In between being called in to check on her progress ("Mom! Mom!  Come see!  I added a dot of purple here!  Mom!  Mom!  Look!  It's a yellow line!"), Sillypants and I read all the books she picked out—mainly the weird, poorly written ones I always try to discourage/hide/throw away—and had a lot of fun.

I do try to spend as much one-on-one time with Sillypants, although she seems just as independent as her big sister thus far.  It's nice when I can do so while WNG is still home (as opposed to being in school) so she can see that Sillypants deserves my attention just as much as she does.

At any rate, WNG happily watercolored and Sillypants happily sat with me reading until maybe the eighty-seventh request for me to see the latest painted blob.  When I went into the dining room, I noticed that WNG had some blue paint on her lips. Thinking she wiped her mouth with a painty hand, I told her to keep her yucky hands away from her face. 

"Oh, okay," she replied, exposing her blue teeth.

Remaining unflappably calm (HA!) I gently requested that she open her mouth, further exposing her very blue tongue.


Her: "ONLY FIVE TIMES!  No, less, four times.  Or maybe seven?"


Sillypants: *grabs one of the paper cups filled with brown paint-water and drops it on the floor*

Me: *sob*

So, here are the four pictures she painted.  They are, clockwise from upper left:

1.  A tree and a mountain and a square for EP Dude's brother and sister-in-law, whom we will see this weekend.  (WNG asked me very particularly if they like SQUARES because she painted one under the mountain.)
2.  A rainbow for me.
3.  A sun, a cloud, a blue horse with red stripes, her red handbrint, some grass, and a tree trunk.
4.  The view out a window.  It's the window of someone we don't know, though, and that blue swoopy caterpillar shape is the windowsill.
Well, EP Dude is home, naptime is over, and it's time to realize that I have no idea what to do for dinner, even though as the at-home parent in this equation, it's kind of my job to have these things figured out.

Maybe we have enough leftovers for everyone...

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