Seven Quick Takes Friday!

1.  So... that running thing... that Couch-to-5k endeavor that was going to make me like—nay, LOVE—jogging and open new worlds of competitive exercise... that little thing...

Yeah, so it turns out that I really don't like running.  At all.  I've made it to Week 4 and it hasn't grown on me one barnacle.  It makes my hips and knees hurt, aggravates my asthma, and it's too darn cold to be outside in the mornings. 

PLUS, I can't seem to find good earbuds that cost less than $10.  The ones I swiped from EP Dude's iPod every morning (well, they are actually mine but his wore out and he uses them every day at work so he swiped them first) don't stay in while I stagger jog.  I got some new-style ones that are apparently supposed to connect directly to your brain, but they hurt like the dickens.  I even tried some over-the-ear ones, completely forgetting that I WEAR GLASSES, and they also hurt like the dickens.

Therefore, I think I quit and will look for some other, indoor, non-earbud-requiring exercise videos I can get on Netflix.  I may even use the Wii fit for more than the fun games, but not until it stops groaning every time I step on.

2.  I still have not made apple brown betty with those Galas, but maybe I will tomorrow.  I'll have to use them soon, I think.  EP Dude would prefer apple crisp, but I'm not a big fan of the oaty texture of those.  I'd rather have the buttery, brown-sugary, cinnamony crumble topping of a brown betty.

And now I'm hungry again.

3.  Which I shouldn't be, because JUST LOOK at what I had for dinner:
That's right, baby.  Homemade chili, made-from-scratch cornbread, and a Saranac Oktoberfest Ale.  Perfect for a cold, windy, occasionally rainy Friday!

4.  Thankfully, the Oktoberfest Ale wasn't pumpkin flavored at all.  Am I the only human in the United States who doesn't like pumpkin?  I don't even like pumpkin pie, let alone pumpkin-flavored anything.

It kind of makes me think of the people who like to deep fry everything at the state & county fairs.  I mean, oreos?  Kool-aid?  Really?  I'm sure there will be pumpkin oreos and Kool-aid before we know it.


No thanks.

5.  Yesterday kicked off the Year of Faith, marking the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council and the 20th anniversary of the Catechism.  I've bought the companion book for my Nook, but I'm still working through the intros.  I also will be getting a portion of the Catechism emailed to me daily so I can read the whole thing in one year.  (And... I'm already two days behind in that too, so...)  It will be good for me to focus on this, though, and try to clear out some extra space in my day for the Lord and His Church, because who doesn't need that?

6.  Wait, I'm only on 6?  Sigh.  Um... Oh, I know!  Happy I Love Yarn Day!  I'm sure there are all sorts of witty sayings typed onto pretty pictures of yarn that I could find and post, but I think I'll keep it simple here. 

I do like some good, natural fiber yarn, though.  Since we bought our new-to-us van, I am on a yarn buying freeze until I use up my stash.  I think I'd like to make myself a new winter hat, maybe a knitted slouch style from some KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (bulky) that I bought last year.  And maybe I'll finish up all the other projects I started, like my sister's fingerless gloves or my brother's scarf.

I will, you guys, I promise!

7.  Whew!  Here's some more awesome recorder music, although it's not me this time.  Please enjoy the Loeki Stardust Quartet:


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  1. Hm, pumpkins and Oktoberfest do not mix. I also don't understand the pumpkin flavouring of everything, even though I do love pumpkins.


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